Wood was commonly used as a material for doors and windows for many centuries in the past (until the introduction of PVC), so it is nothing surprising that there is still a high demand for skilled, professional woodworkers, who will provide all necessary services for the owners of old, historical buildings. But there are also many people, who want to have in their houses windows and doors made from traditional, natural material – wood.

wooden door

Wood processing is not an easy task, but with the use of modern technologies and high quality timber our company is able to provide our customers with wooden doors and windows that fulfill (and usually exceed) their expectations. We operate in and around London and provide all kinds of services related to timber: doors, windows, furnishings, stairs, slants, bespoke wardrobes, etc. The team consists of skilled, friendly and reliable specialists, who have many years of experience in woodworking. This, along with the fact that we always listen to our customers and their requests, is the best guarantee that the services delivered by us are of the highest possible quality.

Wooden windows and doors in London

Our experience in replacing old windows and doors with the new ones (looking exactly as the old ones or made to the customer's order) is huge, so if you need wooden doors somewhere in London, just contact us and we will be more than happy to help you. We are aware of the fact that the look of the doors is very important, but they also have to be sturdy enough to protect from external conditions and unwanted guests, so we always use only properly seasoned wood in the production process.

wooden windows

Wooden windows in London are also a very specific task – mainly because there is a long tradition of installing sash windows not only in private houses, but also in many public buildings (many of them Victorian). Our company provides all kinds and types of wooden windows manufactured from the highest quality wood, which was properly dried and seasoned. The exact type of wood can be selected by the customer, though you have to remember that the more exotic wood, the more expensive your order will be.

Prices of our services are competitive and reasonably calculated and we consult each stage of the work with you, so there's no fear that your expenses will exceed the estimated budget. You should also keep in mind that we treat each and every customer individually and we really listen to our clients carefully.

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